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Manny Schatz, President
Manny Schatz

Paradise President


A Note from the President


The Board had its annual meeting on the third Saturday in October. Owners interested in serving are welcome to submit their nominations at any time. Elections are held at Paradise the third Saturday in October every year.


We value your input… your Board is always looking for ways to improve your experience during your stay at Paradise. If you have any suggestions please let Pearl or one of your Board members knows what your idea is. If it will benefit the owners and the property we will do our best to implement the idea.


Pearl continues to do an outstanding job in maintaining our property. Many, many thanks Pearl!


We need your email address: To keep association fees down and communicate with owners more frequently, we would prefer to send all  correspondence via email. Please send it to Pearl at:
RCI Members

We continue to be in good standing with RCI with a Silver Crown Resort® property designation for 2020!


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